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» C. F. Nicholls' application

C. F. Nicholls' application


December 21st 1858

To John Macadam Esq


I beg to respectfully apply to be placed on the list of applicants for appointment to the party forming for the purpose of exploring the interior. I conclude it is necessary to give some account of my qualifications and also references to character. I have been five years in the Colony, have past most of my time in mining, am used to a bush life, can build a bark hut or log cabin if required and live for months on oatmeal and rice and do without spirits entirely if necessary. Can swim, walk and endure fatigue and can work with others amicably if it is possible to do so. I can undertake to be a good follower as long as any one will lead. My constitution is good, have never had any serious illness, can ride and use any weapon. Have a little literary ability and used to be able to use my pencil and think I can still. If a hard life in this colony will suit me for the expedition I have had it...

I am Sir

Your obedient servant

C. F. Nicholls