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Chas. Norton


1 Spring Street
13th February 1860

J Macadam Esqre

Dear Sir,

Observing an advertisement for parties desirous of obtaining the office of "Leadership of the forthcoming expedition" of the Victorian Exploration Branch of the Royal Society, will you kindly favour me with all the particulars.

I have been more than 17 years in the Colony, great part of which period has been spent in the interior, or what was then called the "Bush".

The last ten years I have studied flower painting etc., and should the leadership be better filled, I should wish to be attached to the expedition to collect and otherwise preserve specimens or copies of the Victorian Flora, if any such post be vacant.

For my capability of efficient execution in the latter line I must refer you to my sister's (Mrs. Gill's) portfolio.

I am
Dear Sir

Yours truly,

Chas. Norton