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» Henry Delvendahl's application

Henry Delvendahl's application

Feb 1st 1860

To Dr Macadam Esq.

Dear Sir!

Through information received, I understand that I have to apply to you to offer my services for the ensuing expedition into the interior of Australia. I am a German by birth, and 30 years of age, but talk the French and Spanish languages as well as the English and my mother tongue. In the year 1849 I made the trip across the Rocky and Sierra Nevada Mountains, from the United States to California. We started out 60 men with 8 teams, and after a hard and weary voyage of 4 ½ months, 7 of us got to the place of destination on foot. Before this in 1847 I was a drummer in the United States vouluntiers [sic]. After I left California I have been in Mexico, Chily, and the East Indies and during all my travels I knew not what sickness is. Hoping, Sir, that these statements may induce you to accept my services for this expedition

I remain Sir

your most obedient servant,

Henry Delvendahl

PS. In this colony I have been for upwards of five years