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» James Millar's application

James Millar's application

March 21st 1860


Will you be kind enough to enter my name as an applicant for a place in the exploring party of which you are the Honorable Secretary. I have good experience in the bush, can ride a horse or take care of one under any circumstances and can drive them in either a waggon or a dray. I lived in California from July 1850 till April 1853: twenty months of that time I lived amongst the natives in the lower part of that country where I learned to ride half-broken horses and a good deal about their habits. I had a good deal to do with the Indians in hunting after some of their horse-stealing parties.

I also drove an American four-horse waggon [sic] for six months, have travelled through California from North to South, six hundred miles. I came to Sydney in July 1853, travelled overland to the Victoria gold fields where I have been ever since. I have been employed digging and carting the most of my time in this country excepting the time I have been in the survey department in which I have been two years and four months...

I have a good constitution and am thirty years old...

Yours respectfully

James Millar