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» William Wills' last note

William Wills' last note

After arriving at the depot camp on Cooper's Creek, only to find it deserted, Burke, Wills and King set out southwest along the Creek, in the hope of finding European settlements.  Over a month later, Burke sent Wills back to the camp for one last check, just in case someone had come looking for them.  He uncovered the buried cache there and added this note to the earlier one by Burke which was already there.

May 30th 1861
We have been unable to leave the creek. Both camels are dead and our provisions are done. Mr. Burke and King are down on the lower part of the creek. I am about to return to them, when we shall all probably come up this way. We are trying to live the best way we can, like the Blacks, but find it hard work. Our clothes are going to pieces fast. Send provisions as soon as possible.

William J. Wills
The Depot Party leaving contrary to instructions has put us in this fix