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» List of Applicants

List of Applicants

The following alphabetical list is an index to the applications submitted to the Royal Society of Victoria Exploration Committee to join the Victorian Exploring Expedition and the Victorian Relief Expedition. Names that do not have an accompanying asterisk indicate that the Library holds the application letter. A single asterisk (*) next to a name indicates that the Library only has a testimonial, or letter of reference, but no application letter. A double asterisk (**) indicates that there is both an application letter and a testimonial for this person. The 'See' indicates that the Library holds no material under this name, directing the user to look under another name. 'See also' indicates that there is some material under this name, as well as additional information elswhere.
ABBOTT, Frederick, 1836-
ABEL, Henry 1838-
ADAMS, John, 1837-
ADDIS, Arthur Alexander, 1835-
AITKEN, John, 1824-
ALDERWICKE, William, 1830-
ALLAN, George, 1831-(see also DAVIES, Rees)
ALLEYNE, Edward, 1832-
ANDERSON, William, 1826-
ARKLEY, Thomas, 1820-
ARMSTRONG, John, 1830-
ASHMORE, Miles, 1834-
BABINGTON, G[eorge?], 1835-[1888]
BAIRD, John W.
BAKER, Thomas
BANFORD, George, 1837-
BANISTER, John, 1825-
BANKS, Robert
BANN, Robert
BARFIELD, Samual, 1838-
BARRATT, Thomas, 1823-
BARTON, Henry Thomas, 1826-
BAYLLSS, Daniel, c1825
BECKER, Ludwig, c1808-61
BECKLER, Hermann
BEGG, James, 1832-
BEILBY, John Wood, 1817-1905