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» Transcription of Wills' field books

Transcription Of Wills' Field Books

Australian Manuscripts Collection, MS 13071.

Wills' journals of the expedition were retrieved by Alfred Howitt - leader of the Relief expedition - and returned to Melbourne. They cover the journey from Cooper's Creek to Carpentaria and back, as well as the attempt to travel towards Adelaide after finding the depot deserted.

Transcriptions of these journals were promptly made by members of the Royal Society's Exploration Committee. However, the originals went astray at some point before the material was donated to the Library. Today our only sources for these texts are the transcriptions, held by the State Library of Victoria, and the published version produced by the Argus.

Wills' third journal, which records the attempt to travel south-west along the creek towards Adelaide, was transcribed by William Henry Archer. He appears to have rewarded himself for his labours by pocketing the original, which was not seen again until 1909 when his daughter sold it to the National Library of Australia.

Cooper's Creek to Carpentaria 16 December to 21 December 1860
Camp 72 to Camp 78 22 December to 26 December 1860
Camp 78 to Camp 85 Sunday 30 December 1860
Camp 85 to Camp 90 5 January to 11 January 1860
Camp 92 to Camp 95 12 January to 13 January 1861
Station 98 to Station 105 19 January 1861
Camp 105 to Camp 112 27 January to 30 January 1861
Camp 112 to Camp 119 22 December to 26 December 1860
Returning from Carpentaria to Cooper's Creek Sunday February 1861
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