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» William Wright and the Supply Party

William Wright and the Supply Party

Burke left Wright behind in Menindie in October 1860, charged with the duty of transporting the main body of supplies to the camp at Cooper's Creek.

26 January After considerable delays and prevarication, Wright's party sets out. It comprises Becker, Beckler, Hodgkinson, Smith, Purcell, Stone, Belooch and the native guide Dick. The party makes very slow progress due to heat, lack of water, straying camels, unfamiliar horses, lack of a skilled navigator, hostile aborigines, a plague of rats, and severe malnutrition.
13 February They reach Torowotto ('Duroadoo').
15 February -
10 March
While Wright and Smith scout ahead for water, the rest of the party shuttle back and forth between Torowotto where there is water, and the 'Mud plain camp' where they have deposited their supplies guarded by Becker and Purcell. Several men begin to suffer from their inadequate diet.
17 March They arrive at Poria Creek.
30 March Kooliatto Creek. Becker and Purcell remain here with Beckler to recuperate for their return. The rest advance to Bulloo.
21 April Beckler, after repeated requests from Wright, finally brings Becker and Purcell up to Bulloo.
22 April Charles Stone dies.
23 April William Purcell dies.
29 April Ludwig Becker dies. Brahe's party, returning from Cooper's Creek and having found Wright's tracks, joins the camp at Bulloo. Brahe and Wright turn back to re-examine Camp LXV.
13 May Brahe and Wright return to Bulloo. Delayed by the straying of their animals and the illness of most of their party, they return slowly via Poria Creek and Torowotto.
5 June William Patton dies.
18 June The party returns to Menindie.