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» B&W (T) Patterson's - GA2459

B&W (T) Patterson's - GA2459

The Burke and Wills story is complex and some aspects are subject to differing interpretations.  Although some of the historical information that is presented with each cache has made use of the State Library of Victoria's publications and collections, it has not been compiled by the State Library of Victoria.


Burke & Wills (Traditional) Patterson's

The Victorian Exploring Expedition (Better known as the Burke & Wills Expedition)

Based on the diaries of Ludwig Becker, official diarist and naturalist of the expedition.

Camp IX. (Patterson's.) Wednesday, 29/8/1860.

This stage took the explorers across to meet the Piccaninny Creek at Myles Patterson's Piccaninny Creek or Kamarooka homestead. This stream, which starts as the Bendigo Creek, eventually becomes the Mt. Hope Creek.

For Becker, the Terrick Terrick Plains commenced after leaving the timbered country near the Campaspe, and he was impressed by the plains as the expedition moved westward in the afternoon sunshine. In the shimmering heat, the mirages produced uncanny effects, and the miles of lush grass appeared to him like ‘a calm ocean with green water’.
Visitors from Bendigo again invaded the travellers’ camp at Patterson's, delaying their departure next morning for Dr. Hope's Terrick Terrick No. 2 station when horses took fright at the camels, overturned a wagon and injured two of the sightseers. From Patterson's they followed the creek downstream (from bend to bend) until they eventually moved out of its valley at Mt. Hope.

Much of Patterson's homestead complex survives as Kamarooka Homestead, now the home of Mr. T. Mudie, the large woolshed, the former jackaroos' quarters and an example of wattle-and-daub construction being of special interest.

As Kamarooka Station is private property, the cache has been placed close to the site of Camp IX, but still outside the property boundary. There is no need to climb any fences or gates.

You are searching for a small ammo can hidden not too far from the road. As always, be careful of traffic passing at high speed and keep a close eye on children.

A few pathtags are included in the cache for the first few finders - please take one only.

Hints You shouldn't need a hint but, just in case, try the base of the large gum tree between the property gate and the bridge. Type Other
Location S36° 39.335   E144° 38.045 Difficulty/Terrain 1/1.5
Geocaching Link logging a find
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2nd October 2010
Nice and easy find. I used to come out this way as a kid with my Dad to watch Northern United play at the Kamarooka oval. It was great to come out to this part of the world again. TFTC
29th September 2010
Another great location for a B&W cache. The container was clearly visible as we made our way around the tree, so we hid it a little better after signing the log. Amazing how much water is lying around the paddocks at the moment - the farmers must be so happy! And with the sun shining today, it was just perfect for geocaching. Thanks to Wazza and Wenches for another quality cache. Cheers!
29th September 2010
Alice enjoyed her brief visit to this cache on her trip north today.
29th September 2010
Heading north.
28th September 2010
Last for the day and time for home - have enjoyed your containers and contents. Its great to see the rain has produced some great crops and lots of wildflowers. TFTC
26th September 2010
Not the easiest spot to park with a trailer in tow. But much easier than with a camel.

Passed a lot of Camels just down the road at a place called 'Cowboy World'. Might have to visit there one day, maybe I might not.

Thanks for a wonderful B&W series. A great road to travel on for a weekend camping near Mitiamo.
28th August 2010
21st August 2010

Found by Roma and Max.

It was a pleasure to find one of our favourite and decent sized geo containers full of quality swaps and placed in an interesting location.

However no one could have anticipated the quantity of flood water that now surrounds this area although it was still possible to get to GZ with a hop skip and jump!

Thanks Warren for the effort you have gone to in making this a top cache.


from Romax.

21st July 2010
Ready for the masses to venture forth and find